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Link PocketMod RPG Name Source Cost Author Description Category #
80s Kids reddit free Dorian Yeager A micro-RPG about kids from the 80s. nostalgia 0
Ad Danuvium github free Peter Kastberger Ad Danuvium is a fantasy setting which takes its ideas from the Roman Empire in the 2nd Century. It is explicitly not historically correct. However existing locations and events are used as a decor... fantasy, historical 0
Creatures And Classes Google Plus free Norbert G. Matausch Creatures & Classes is a supplement for classic fantasy games. It offers players 6 new races and 30 new character classes to pick from. fantasy, supplement 0
Davokar Google Plus free Paul Baldowski Fantasy adventures in a grim forest. fantasy, symbaroum 0
Deeds And Doers Google Plus pwyw Ben Lehman You are nothing if not extraordinary. For the likes of you, adventure awaits around every corner. The world is full to the brim with treasures both imagined and unimagined, deeds both great and sin... fantasy, osr 0
Deeds And Doers Expansion Google Plus pwyw Ben Lehman An expansion pack for Deeds and Doers with three new cards. fantasy, osr, supplement 0
Electric Schemes Blog free Paul Baldowski Intended to emulate TV series like Stranger Things or stories like Tales from the Loop, it could probably handle Sarah Jane Adventures-style games where Sane Jane happens to be out of the picture f... nostalgia 0
Electric Schemes Character Sheet Blog free Paul Baldowski A character sheet for Electric Schemes. nostalgia, supplement 0
Extra Funk, A Little Punk, And Disco Hobo Drunks Google Plus free Greg Gelder Supplement for Space Trucker by Ray Otus. It includes more characters, more trucks, more maniacs, more minions and monster, more planet names, and more missions! It also has a list of cool truck st... scifi, supplement 0
Fangs Chaotic GM free Marcus Burggraf A love letter to Vampire the Masquerade. horror, vampires 0
Flash Fantasy Google Plus free Ray Otus An expression of the minimald6 system suitable for playing OSR modules. fantasy, osr 0
Furious Roads Chaotic GM free Marcus Burggraf A minimald6 take on Mad Max. post-apocalyptic 0
Futurepunk Google Plus free Norbert G. Matausch A rules-lite rpg emulating Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun. scifi, cyberpunk 0
Generations Google Plus free Yochai Gal A game about a generation ship, and the factions within. scifi 0
Get Funky Chaotic GM free Marcus Burggraf The games primary inspiration are Blaxploitation and other action movies of the 70s. nostalgia, crime 0
In Nomine Google Plus free Jason Tocci A minimald6 conversion of the In Nomine RPG. fantasy, religion 0
Lifepath Google Plus free Sune Donath A lifepath/careers/backgrounds supplement for minimald6 fantasy games! fantasy, supplement 0
Minimal D6ringer Google Plus free Bruno Bord An American "West West" setting, with rules for duels & shootouts! western, guns 0
Miso Six Blog free Peter Kisner Miso-Six is based as much on Sophia Brandt's Miniso1d6 as on minimald6 itself. But should retain rough compatibility with all similar systems. fantasy 0
Protocols Of The Devil Patrician Google Plus free Sean Smith A simple roleplaying game where you assume the role of a member of the thieves’ union in a sprawling city-state under the infernal rule. fantasy, crime 0
Renegade Time Lord Blog free Paul Baldowski A Doctor Who inspired game, based on the minimald6 engine. scifi 0
Riders Chaotic GM free Marcus Burggraf A game about bikes, home, family and crime. crime 0
Signum Google Plus free Matthias Passman You are a member of the twilight, the secret world between light and shade, life and death, heaven and hell. You bear Lucifer's symbol, the Signum. modern, religion 0
Simple Feng Google Plus free Norbert G. Matausch Inspired by Feng Shui. kung-fu 0
Slick Thames Blog free Sean Smith A hack of the Slick Thames setting (originally for Into The Odd) for minimald6. punk, crime 0
Space Trucker Google Plus free Ray Otus Inspired by 70s "trucker" stories/music - with a dash of Kung Fu, Space Opera, and Funk thrown in. scifi 0
Supernatural Investigation Google Plus free Tarcisio Lucas People, I love TV series like The X-Files, Supernatural, I made this humble minimald6 version trying to capture the "feeling" of this kind of stories...with you, the "Supernatural Invest... scifi 0
The Descent Google Plus free SĂ©bastien d'Abrigeon A minimald6 version of the Darkest Dungeon video game. fantasy, supplement 0
The Minimal Edge MeWe free NOLDUNAR NOLDUNAR Inspired by the work of others I also cobbled together a quick game blending the simple minimal d6 system by Norbert G. Matausch with mechanics from the FFG Star Wars RPG line. scifi 0
There And Back Again Google Plus free Ray Otus A minimald6 hack using "The Hobbit" as the main source of inspiration. fantasy 0
Wardens Of Barsaive Google Plus free Klaus Westerhoff A minimald6 version of the Earthdawn setting! fantasy, earthdawn 0

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