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Name Author Source Genre Summary Cost Category
2400 Jason Tocci itch sci-fi A lo-fi sci-fi system with multiple settings. $6.00 hacks
Adjustable Blanket roqueromero oddities
Agents Of The O.d.d. Jason Tocci itch paranormal conspiracy Agents of the O.D.D. is a tabletop roleplaying game of conscripted cryptids, shaky psychics, burned spies, and other investigators of the paranormal. $5.00 hacks
Alzabo yochaigal discord A red bear that steals its victim's voice. monsters
Amphibian Overlords Baal discord Exotic Capitalists. monsters
Animal Whistle roqueromero oddities
Anna X66 Scablands Press itch sci-fi This page connects you to the gameplay document for ANNA-X66, a 43-page setting hack/book for Chris McDowall's excellent tabletop role-playing game Electric Bastionland. $0.00 hacks
Any Planet Is Earth Jim Parkin itch sci-fi Any Planet Is Earth is a set of sandbox guidelines for creating a near/far future adventure campaign. $3.00 hacks
Arachnogloves roqueromero oddities
Augmented Blindfold roqueromero oddities
Augmenting Arm Wrappings roqueromero oddities
Automated Ventriloquist Puppet roqueromero oddities
Automaton Abomination AwkwardTurtle discord A huge machine that consumes it’s victims and splits into smaller parts. monsters
Baobob Zac Bir discord A malicious version of the Baobab tree. monsters
Basilisk yochaigal ose srd A lizard that turns its victims to stone. monsters
Bat Jacket roqueromero oddities
Bear vladar itdr monsters
Bilgewater Fox Snake magnificentophat, voidlight discord A big snake looking for friends. monsters
Blinding Machinery Gadget roqueromero oddities
Blood And Chrome Sam Doebler google-drive cyberpunk a cyberpunk role-playing game (or RPG) about heists, harsh city life, and the cruelties of science and corporate thugs. $0.00 hacks
Bloodring blog fantasy short ruleset for gladatorial fighting $0.00 hacks
Boa Constrictor vladar itdr monsters
Bonepunk Bugbear Slug itch post-mortality A post-mortality tabletop RPG ruleset and toolbox. Rise up or be raised up! $0 hacks
Bouncing Cage roqueromero oddities
Brain Lord vladar itdr Psionic abberations from the Beyond. monsters
Cairn Yochai Gal itch fantasy A fantasy rpg about exploring a dark, mysterious Wood. $0 hacks
Canned Cube roqueromero oddities
Canning Can roqueromero oddities
Carapace TorTheVic itch fantasy Players control Marble-Seekers; bug outcasts with almost no other options in life. Their goal is to gather Marble from the Outside and pay for the Cannon they ordered. $3.99 hacks
Carboy Of Daylight roqueromero oddities
Catwisp, Twirling Cat Slater discord A dangerous cat looking for pats. monsters
Celestial Priest yochaigal twitter An alien priest that needs to absorb flesh from others. monsters
Chittering Skull Flies yochaigal discord Giant bugs that live in corpses. monsters
Collapsing Machinery roqueromero oddities
Collector Slug Curio discord monsters
Containing Canvas roqueromero oddities
Cormorant Sean F Smith itch fantasy A slimline RPG for when we can play in the flesh again. $0.00 hacks
Crawling Bastion mv itch mech Contains rules for creating and fighting with mechs. $5.00 hacks
Crocodile vladar itdr monsters
Cybernetic Bastards Twocalf google-drive cyberpunk $0.00 hacks
Death Is The New Pink Mike Evans dtrpg post-apocalyptic smash your way thorugh the uber-punk post apocalypse, kill mutants, fire up the chainsaw, get rocking $9.99 hacks
Deep Coral Colony Baal discord monsters
Deer vladar itdr monsters
Detachable Beholder Eye roqueromero oddities
Devouring Bag roqueromero oddities
Dire Flower Ape Curio discord monsters
Dirk Rules! Dirk with a vengeance dtrpg generic A simple rules expansion based on Into the Odd. $0.00 hacks
Doomhammer Rattlemayne's google-drive fantasy Rattlemayne's early verison of Moldhammer $0.00 hacks
Dust Elementals yochaigal discord monsters
Edmond Dentier Narco Zero discord A Disapproving Academic or Antiquarian npcs
Eldritch Investigationland PelleP itch occult investigation $0.00 hacks
Electrosnail twocalf discord monsters
Elephant vladar itdr monsters
Elk vladar itdr monsters
Emergency Primatologist mihau discord failed-careers
Enhanced Knitting Needles roqueromero oddities
Entangling Rope roqueromero oddities
Extra Fix roqueromero oddities
Fear Of The Unknown Wizard Lizard blog occult investigation Eldritch Horror $0.00 hacks
Filth Eater vladar itdr Big, stupid beasts that eat nearly anything they find. monsters
Finders Keepers Spwack blog gonzo fantasy generators and ruleset for wacky gonzo fantasy fun $0.00 hacks
Fire Snuffer roqueromero oddities
Folding Scaffold roqueromero oddities
Freezing Liquid Dust roqueromero discord Freeze things. oddities
From Numenera Into The Odd Kyle Maxwell itch science fantasy Want to run Numenera content in Into The Odd? Now you can! $0 hacks
Furious Floating Book yochaigal discord monsters
Gambling Deck Or Die roqueromero oddities
Gate Trog Curio discord monsters
Gazer vladar itdr A telekinetic, floating one-eyed monster. monsters
Gazur Curio discord monsters
Gelatinous Cube vladar itdr Giant, transparent ooze. monsters
Ghost Whale yochaigal discord monsters
Gliding Plate roqueromero oddities
Glowie, The Giant Glow Worm Mockery ShakeSharp discord monsters
Gnoll vladar itdr Intelligent man-hyenas hybrids. monsters
Goblin vladar itdr Mischievous creatures that can easily be bribed with monsters
Graviton Gun rattlemayne oddities
Grease Of All Flavours roqueromero discord Make anything food. oddities
Guns Of Telluria Kaprou blog weird world war humans and the fae fought and awful, awful war, no its over and your veterans, what to do now? $0.00 hacks
Headcrab Freddo discord monsters
Hearing Horn roqueromero oddities
Heating Twin Screws roqueromero oddities
Hellhound vladar itdr Demonic dogs that hunt in packs. monsters
Hit Dice Dungeons David Lombardo itch fantasy Hit Dice Dungeons is a heavily Work In Progress RPG where your character is primarily represented by a single die, their Hit Die. $0 hacks
Hologhoul Curio discord monsters
Hook Horror vladar itdr A 10-foot tall tunnel horror, with hooks. monsters
Hootbear vladar itdr Bear-Owl hybrid that lives in forests. monsters
Hummingbat Swarm Curio discord monsters
Ice Frog twocalf discord monsters
Identifier Drone twocalf discord monsters
Imp vladar itdr Winged tricksters. monsters
In Die Dunkelheit Norbert G. Matausch dtrpg fantasy $4.74 hacks
Incandescent Huntsman gooscar, twocalf discord monsters
Interdictor Drone twocalf discord monsters
Internment Camp Ny 1 Matt Strom blog alt history sci-fi The Japanase invaed the US and New York City is now a prison camp, survive in the dog eat dog cityscape of mutants and mechs $0.00 hacks
Into London 1814 blog historical $0.00 hacks
Into The Card blog $0.00 hacks
Into The Chopper Unspeakable Games itch action adventure This is a game to be played as soldiers, fighters and urban heroes in a Run & Gun style of play through 'Mission Crawling' recovering Devices and saving the world from Evil Masterminds, Aliens, Mum... $0.00 hacks
Into The Depths cosmicorrery itch pulp science fantasy Exploration and adventure in the strange caverns of the underworld! Whether here by accident or intent your band of delvers find themselves with only one way to go, deeper into the Earth's bowels. $2.25 hacks
Into The Dredd Sean F Smith google-drive sci-fi You are a rookie street judge in Mega-City One, freshly graduated from the, Academy. $0.00 hacks
Into The Dungeon: Revived vladar4 github fantasy Complete fantasy rules, based on Into The Odd. $0.00 hacks
Into The Eclipse Jason Tocci google-drive sci-fi Eclipse Phase for Into The Odd $0.00 hacks
Into The Glog Type1ninja google-drive fantasy $0.00 hacks
Into The Gungeon Mr. Screw On Head blog action Bullet Hell Hack $0.00 hacks
Into The Haunt Gremlin Legions google-drive horror $0.00 hacks
Into The Hollow UnderwaterOwlbear itch fantasy A two-player hack of Into the Odd for emulating the tense combat of Soulslike and Metroidvania video games at the table. $0.00 hacks
Into The Jungle Missing in action dtrpg weird vietnam war You are a soldier during the Vietnam War. Exploring classic fantasy dungeons, with monsters like pigmen and lizard people. Fight the undead with machetes in swamps. $0.00 hacks
Into The Ninth World Jason Tocci blog science fantasy Numenera Hack $0.00 hacks
Into The Rad Peter Rudin-Burgess DTRPG post-apocalyptic $4.95 hacks
Into The Rave Pitch Black Lair itch post-apocalyptic Post-Apocalyptic Rave Hack. $3.75 hacks
Into The Troika Eamon Mulholland blog science fantasy Troika Hack $0.00 hacks
Into The Void Tore Nielsen google-drive sci-fi Space supplement $0.00 hacks
Into The Wasteland Mike Evans blog post-apocalyptic $0.00 hacks
Into The Borderlands google-drive fantasy $0.00 hacks
Into The Bronze Lantern's Faun dtrpg fantasy A RPG of sword, sorcery and sandals in Mesopotamia from the Bronze era. $12.00 hacks
Irresistible Fishing Rod roqueromero oddities
Landshark vladar itdr Burowing behemoth. monsters
Lion vladar itdr monsters
Machine Embroidered Flying Carpet roqueromero oddities
Manticore vladar itdr Man-lion-scorpion monster. Run. monsters
Master Key roqueromero oddities
Mausritter Losing Games itch fantasy Take up the sword and don the whiskers of a brave mouse adventurer in Mausritter, a rules-light fantasy adventure roleplaying game. $0.00 hacks
Maximum Recursion Depth maxcan7 itch philiosphical fantasy $0.00 hacks
Maze Rats Ben Milton dtrpg fantasy Short and sweet fantasy ruleset $2.99 hacks
Meat Trap Sunflower Curio discord monsters
Mechanic Pin Of Silence roqueromero oddities
Mechanically Enhanced Cat Feet roqueromero oddities
Mechanically Enhanced Flippers roqueromero oddities
Memorizing Compass roqueromero oddities
Merchants Of Venus google-drive pulp science fantasy Trawling the swamps of Venus in your merchant barge in search of profit $0.00 hacks
Metroplex Reptilian Esoterica itch biopunk $0.00 hacks
Modified Prosthetic Brawler Arm roqueromero oddities
Modified Prosthetic Shooter Arm roqueromero oddities
Moonhop Type1Ninja dtrpg gonzo space sci-fi 24 pages of concise, light rules for character generation and gameplay. Moonhop is a solid foundation to use with any ratio of Fantasy to Science Fiction. Whether you like cyborgs, wizards, or cybo... $2.99 hacks
Morphing Cloak roqueromero oddities
Mountaineers, Mercenaries, And Madmen Slantio blog $0.00 hacks
Multiplying Wooden Ladder roqueromero oddities
Mummy vladar itdr Undead terrors that seek to destroy the living. monsters
Nekrovon Walter Licinio itch eldritch fantasy In this book, you will find more about the Nekrovon Academy, a place where people go to learn about the eldritch mysteries of the universe, and the Beyond, a new plane of existence, full of ghosts,... $3.33 hacks
Non’s Day Out Salinday blog $0.00 hacks
Numa Tiago Rolim dtrpg japanese Play as samurai frogs fighting for honor in a Kurosawa-esque land of adventure. $12.00 hacks
Obscure Adventures Ricardo Esteves dtrpg fantasy A mashup of Into The Odd and World of Dungeons $0.00 hacks
Odd Planet google-drive science fantasy $0.00 hacks
Oddpocalypse Chris McDowall blog post-apocalyptic $0.00 hacks
Ogre vladar itdr Hideous, large and man-eating. monsters
Orc vladar itdr Amoral, goblin-like minions in service to a master. monsters
Palace Run Ian McDougall blog fantasy explore/loot/escape a decadent procedural palace $0.00 hacks
Pandimensional Pack Alpaca Curio discord monsters
Patchwork Arcology google-drive cyberpunk $0.00 hacks
Personal Lock roqueromero oddities
Phase Panther vladar itdr Blink and you'll miss them. monsters
Pole Soles roqueromero oddities
Portable Hole roqueromero oddities
Portable Jack In The Box roqueromero oddities
Portable Knob roqueromero oddities
Projectile Catchers roqueromero oddities
Projecting Cloak roqueromero oddities
Protocol Napkin roqueromero oddities
Psych O Helm roqueromero oddities
Puma Jim Parkin game monsters
Purifying Canteen roqueromero oddities
Purifying Tankard roqueromero oddities
Purple Worm vladar itdr Massive burrowing worms. monsters
Quadcrocs Baal discord monsters
Quarrel & Fable Sean F. Smith dtrpg fantasy A Fighting Fantasy style rules-lite RPG $0.00 hacks
Qz Jason Tocci itch explore a strange region where reality has broken down $5.00 hacks
Radnarok (into The End) google-drive post-apocalyptic $0.00 hacks
Rats In The Walls Kobayashi lulu occult investigation $17.62 hacks
Red Ink Adventures Sam Doebler blog fantasy $0.00 hacks
Red Dragon vladar itdr Fire-breathing dragon. monsters
Rejoining Rope roqueromero oddities
Retroactive Disguise yochaigal, gooscar discord Erase memories with an outfit. oddities
Round The Corner Cape roqueromero oddities
Rpg Designer davesvedberg discord failed-careers
Rust Monster vladar itdr Pony-sized metal-eater. monsters
Sabre Cat Jim Parkin game monsters
Saga dropbox mythic fantasy $0.00 hacks
Saint Vitus Flute roqueromero oddities
Salt Mummy cosmicorrery blog monsters
Sand Golem twocalf discord monsters
Scarsmetic roqueromero oddities
Secret Door Gears roqueromero oddities
Self Filling Decanter roqueromero oddities
Self Saboteur davesvedberg discord failed-careers
Sesame Tuning Fork roqueromero oddities
Shabby Art Of Mystery google-drive fantasy $0.00 hacks
Shiv Slug Curio discord monsters
Silent Alarm Whistle roqueromero oddities
Silent Backpack roqueromero oddities
Silent Weighing Machine roqueromero oddities
Skeleton vladar itdr Undead warriors. monsters
Sky Whalers Of Jupiter cosmicorrery itch baroque science fantasy Short hack for huntign sky-whales and battling pirates in the skys of jove, themed to a jules verne novel $0.00 hacks
Slick Thames google-drive cyberpunk $0.00 hacks
Sludge Island Tagger mihau discord failed-careers
Smell Of Success roqueromero oddities
Smoke Enforcer Baal discord monsters
Snake Demon vladar itdr monsters
Soles From The Wastelands roqueromero oddities
Solitary Symphonist curio, baal, roqueromero discord failed-careers
Songbirds John Battle dtrpg fantasy anime $7.99 hacks
Spheroscreen roqueromero oddities
Spitting Wooden Box roqueromero oddities
Squires Errant Tim B. itch fantasy Ruleset for a chivalric feudal fantasyland $0.00 hacks
The St. Regis School For Wayward Children Ansel Shipley itch horror $0 hacks
Star Rat Curio discord monsters
Stinkfrog vladar itdr monsters
Street Fighting Dogs google-drive action Ruleset for martial arts battles ala Hong Kong Action cinema $0.00 hacks
Striders Gearoong itch fantasy $0.00 hacks
Sword Ferns & Salmon Flesh Linden google-drive Folk Fantasy A GLOG-hack of PALACE RUN set in a rainforest. $0.00 hacks
Tales Of Mordhearse Hyperlite unwashedmendicant itch weird fantasy Short weird fantasy ruleset $0.00 hacks
Teenage Mutant Ninjas Into The Odd: 2 google-drive $0.00 hacks
Telemarketer davesvedberg discord failed-careers
Thaumovoric Eels yochaigal discord monsters
The Cabin google-drive camp horror $0.00 hacks
The Diabolical Dossier RMOssie itch supernatural espionage $5.00 hacks
The Labyrinth Of Verra Joaquin Ollo itch $5.00 hacks
The Mutants Of Ixx Karl Stjernberg dtrpg post-apocalyptic $2.00 hacks
The New Economy google-drive post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk survive in the world the rich left behind $0.00 hacks
The World Broke dimfrost itch post-apocalyptic $3.99 hacks
The Move' Harness roqueromero oddities
Tiger Jim Parkin game monsters
Tobacco Of Monstrosities roqueromero oddities
Transportation Retractable Pen roqueromero oddities
Trash Goblins RMOssie itch fantasy you are horrible little goblins picking through the trash $0.00 hacks
Tricky Fingers roqueromero oddities
Troll vladar itdr monsters
Tuned Horseshoes roqueromero oddities
Ultra Dried Boat roqueromero oddities
Unbreakable Lock roqueromero oddities
Underground google-drive urban weird fantasy? $0.00 hacks
Unknown Arcana google-drive fantasy $0.00 hacks
Unmasking Electrolantern roqueromero oddities
Van Jesus Micah Anderson itch iron age/christan a band of Jesuses fight vampires in ancient Rome $0.00 hacks
Vermin (of Bastion) google-drive $0.00 hacks
Vicious Cyclist AwkwardTurtle discord monsters
Viper vladar itdr monsters
Warphammer 99,000 Chris McDowall blog In the bright madness of the Hundredth Millenium, there is only Chaos. $0.00 hacks
Water Bear twocalf discord monsters
Water Pill roqueromero oddities
Watermask roqueromero oddities
Weird North Jim Parkin itch sword and sorcery A picaresque, sword & sorcery RPG. $6.00 hacks
Wild Boar vladar itdr monsters
Wind Up Door Opener roqueromero oddities
Wind Up Heater roqueromero oddities
Wind Up Music Box roqueromero oddities
Wind Up Portable Booby Trap roqueromero oddities
Wolf vladar itdr monsters
Worm Avatar yochaigal discord monsters
Xenobioddity Jason Tocci blog sci-fi $0.00 hacks
Yeti vladar itdr monsters
Zombie vladar itdr A walking corpse animated by magic. monsters

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